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Around the world, healthcare organizations struggle to respond to a rapidly changing environment.  The need for new ways of thinking, for consumer-centric services and cost-effective care has never been greater. 



Creemore is a healthcare innovation lab.  More than an advisory firm, we help our clients understand what's needed, innovate, refine solutions, and then implement change.  


The key to our model is its hands-on approach.  We typically embed Creemore's senior executives in client organizations, usually as Executives-in-Residence (XIRs), to create change from within.  Our XIRs are considered "members of the team" while also retaining an external perspective and autonomy.  Over a typical engagement of 12+ months we lead critical new initiatives, attend key meetings, mentor leaders and push alternative and fresh ways of thinking.  We help companies develop their internal innovation "muscles" for the long term. 

  As experienced healthcare executives we've spent decades leading some of the world's most progressive healthcare organizations.   Now we are solely focused on catalyzing change at our client's organizations.  

Our View

We believe that healthcare is in a time of unprecedented change, driven by three trends: 


  • An evolving and increasingly constrained payment environment

  • Exponential advances in medical science

  • Evolving (and demanding) consumer tastes and expectations 


It's possible to build extraordinary healthcare services, but these require five conditions:

  • Paying/ getting paid differently, preferably via global budget/ capitation 

  • Rapid access to care when desired

  • Improved service experience, driven mainly through digital tools and culture.

  • Early diagnosis and intervention

  • Real relationships between patients and their healthcare providers

These interventions dramatically reduce costs and improve patient satisfaction-- and will be the tools necessary to thrive in this new era.

At Creemore, we've taken what we've learned from delivering care at some of America's most forward-looking healthcare companies and use this foundation to help our clients from around the world build transformative healthcare services.  


Selected Portfolio

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Dr. Marc-David Munk is the founder of Creemore Group (Link to Wikipedia).  He leads Creemore's small team, based in Boston.

Building on an earlier career in academic medicine, where he was an associate professor and attending physician, Dr. Munk has, over the past decade, led some of the nation's most innovative healthcare companies.  

Dr. Munk was most recently the Associate Chief Medical Officer of CVS Health, and oversaw the corporation's clinical model design, pharmacy clinical services and clinics.   Prior to CVS, Dr. Munk was the Chief Medical Officer of Boston-based Iora Health, a lauded, venture-capital-backed primary care disruptor.  At Iora, Dr. Munk led development of the healthcare system's primary care and risk-bearing models and oversaw care delivery at practices across seven states.  

Earlier, Dr. Munk was the Chief Medical Officer at Reliant Medical Group (a capitated 525-clinician multi-specialty group) and was a Medical Director at UPMC International and Commercial Services.  He has held a range of clinical leadership roles in academic and private healthcare and government. 

An accomplished public speaker, Dr. Munk has lectured at meetings sponsored by AHIP, Cleveland Clinic, Dartmouth College, Harvard University and Johns Hopkins University among others.  He has been interviewed by NPR, PBS, CBS and other outlets on a range of topics. (A list of selected speeches and interviews can be found here).  

Dr. Munk has extensive formal training in global health has and a passion for improving healthcare systems around the world:  He holds a Master of Public Health degree in epidemiology and global health from Boston University and a doctorate in medicine from Philadelphia’s Jefferson Medical College. He completed a residency in emergency medicine and then completed a fellowship in global health at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, also earning a Diploma in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene.  He later completed a Master of Science degree in healthcare management at Harvard University.

Dr. Munk is board certified by the American Board of Emergency Medicine, is a Fellow of the American College of Emergency Physicians, and was a Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives.  He has been an Entrepreneur in Residence at Harvard Innovation Labs since 2017, and is an advisory board member at several early stage healthcare startups.  Dr. Munk also serves as the President of Canada's Carlin Foundation, which supports global innovation and research in the areas of neglected tropical disease, healthcare literacy and healthcare leadership.  

How we Work

While the Creemore team is available for consultation on a wide range of issues involving healthcare services innovation, we typically partner with a handful of organizations over a period of 12+ months.  During that time we help assess and clarify needs, design thoughtful services and interventions, and then actively participate in implementing the new services.  In many cases, a Creemore leader is embedded as a XIR (Executive in Residence) in the client organization where we catalyze change and develop internal capacity. 

With all projects we spend a lot of time working with clients to make sure that we understand the market dynamic, needs and tolerance for change.   Our hands-on approach helps our clients avoid the "immunologic response" that often plagues innovation.  We know how the system works, how doctors and administrators think and how innovation is most effectively incorporated into the existing healthcare infrastructure. 

Please contact us if you'd like to partner.  We'd love to speak with you. 



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Creemore's offices are in the heart of Boston's Back Bay neighborhood.  Please let us know if you're in the area.   

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